What is the cost to participate in Tambó?
The cost to participate is $150.00 per person for a 10-week, 2 hour session class. Early registration and multiple registration discounts are available. Feel free to contact us about your tuition.

Is there financial aid or scholarships available?
At this point, our classes will be tuition-based and there IS financial aid or scholarship available depending on need and each participant’s situation. We will also gladly make a payment arrangement with the participants as tuition should not be a barrier for a person to participate.

What is covered in the tuition?
The tuition payment covers the cost to bring instructors and facilitators, class planning, operating and program expenses like rent, supplies and materials.

Who will be teaching the class?
Since each class will focus on a different topic, instructors will vary over the ten weeks. We have carefully selected artists and instructors who know about their craft and who can work with diverse participants.

Do I need any materials for class?
We will cover any supplies that participants may need. However, each female participant should plan to have an optional bomba skirt which will play an important role in the dance movements. We have information on local seamstresses who can make these for each participant. The participant is responsible for buying the fabric and paying for the skirt.

Fabric, lace and sewing notions can be purchased at your local crafts store.

Where will the classes be held?
Each program will run at a different site, depending on registrations, programs and staff availability.

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